Southtown CIA

The Southtown Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) was formed to empower the community’s voice in guiding and shaping positive changes in Southeast Grand Rapids.

Make Southtown a destination within Grand Rapids that is celebrated for its vibrant diversity, culture, history, and charm.

Promote Southtown’s unique identity to draw a diverse customer base, help businesses thrive and create gathering places for residents and visitors.

The Southtown CIA boundaries include the following business districts: Alger Heights, Boston Square, Franklin & Eastern, Madison Square, Seymour Square, and Division South (between Wealthy & Hall)

With the use of tax increment funding (TIF), the Southtown CIA Board is responsible for investments that support the needs of business districts.

Patricia Pulliam (Chair)
Helen Harp (Vice Chair)
Anissa Eddie (Secretary)
Senita Lenear (Commissioner)
William DeJong
Brittney Williams

To join one of the three Southtown committees, Business Development, Design and Marketing, contact Feel free to attend one of our upcoming meetings:

Wed., October 8 at 6:30 p.m., Location TBD (Marketing & Business Development)
Wed., October 16, noon – 1 p.m. at LINC (Design)

Follow us on Facebook at Southtown CIA.