Southtown CIA
COVID-19 Relief Fund

Program Purpose
To mitigate some financial burden of meeting and adhering to CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety measures. To promote the healthy reopening of Southtown area businesses and social zones by providing:

1. PPE for workers and/or customers (masks, gloves, sanitizer, sanitizer stations)
2. Plastic barriers/partition installation
3. Sun protection/Umbrellas
4. Outdoor tables & chairs
5. No-Touch Menu Options & Signage
6. Advertising for reopening, new hours, store safety procedure guidelines

Requirements and Eligibility
Projects must be located in the Southtown CIA Boundary
Funds may only be used for specified invoice, or to reimburse a presented invoice.
Funding shall be allocated per project.

Applications will be reviewed monthly on a first-come, first-served basis

Approval Process
1. Fill out the application below
2. CIA staff review of application and application attachments to confirm project eligibility
3. Presentation to CIA Board (3rd Wednesday of every month)
4. Agreement executed following CID Board approval
5. Business Owner Signs Usage Agreement
6. Itemized Invoice/Receipts and proof of payment provided by an applicant to Corridor Manager

Project Evaluation
Any project located in the Southtown Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) boundary is eligible for the Reopening Safety Program. Submitted applications will be evaluated to determine their ability to advance the safety and prosperity of the business district, with a specific focus on commercial brick and mortar businesses.

The approval of a particular project will be at the sole discretion of the Southtown CIA Board.

Available Funding
Approved projects are eligible for the full invoice amount up to $2,500 with the presentation of the quote, invoice, and receipt. Business owners are not required to match these funds but submit an invoice of a registered vendor for the City to reimburse.

Submissions and questions can be directed to Kelsey Liebenow, at